Kogălniceanu Mansion

   In 1885 the Murfatlar estate came into the possession of the family of the political man Mihail Kogălniceanu following the acquisition of the building, made by him from a member of a prosperous family from Constanta: Hagi Me (h) met Aralam bey. Other documents talk about buying the house from the Turkish Cuciuk Murfat, in the desire to leave her daughter's niece, Lucia liteanu.

   At the mansion is established the son of the politician, Vasile M Kogălniceanu who carried on from here, the activity of domain inspector in Dobrogea, respectively administrator of the Mangalia Square. He attended the courses of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences in Grignon (France), after completing the high school courses in Berlin. Interested in the village world, Vasile M. Kogălniceanu was known for his sharp analytical spirit, manifested mainly in research the problems of peasant life. He supported the Agrarian Reformation of 1923 and the appropriation of the poor peasants.

  The building returned to the landlord Luca Oancea, to Th. Miulescu, being subsequently nationalized, with the allocation to the Agriculture School and then to IAS, during which time he suffered serious degradation. Not long ago, the mansion building was rehabilitated to become a kindergarten. The process of reconditioning and refurbishing was carried out in good conditions, which also favored the preservation of several objects and decorations specific to the building. The building has some bodies added by the owners who took it in time (cellar, warehouse).

  In the courtyard / park that surrounds the building, besides the secular trees of species known to the place, there is still the trolley base that was erected in 1943 in memory of the heroes on the front.