The Church "Birth of the Virgin Mary"

   The Church of the Mother of God was founded in 1906, when the Romanian people celebrated the 40th anniversary of His Majesty Carol I of Romania and Dobrogea's attachment to the mother country following the 1877 war of independence.

   The construction of the church began in 1903, built of stone, with tall towers according to the plan of the architect D. Bănescu, the painter for catapeteasma C. Bobie, and for the walls Petru Serafim. It was worked for 3 years, so that in the summer of 1906 it was completed. The dome of the church was damaged in the great earthquakes, especially the tower that was and is built of brick and not of stone like the rest of the building. Currently the church is included in the list of historical monuments.

   The church is built in the form of a ship symbolizing Noah's Ship that saved mankind from the flood, combining the form of a cross, which symbolizes the cross of the Savior Jesus Christ who saves us from all worldly temptations.

   The feast of the church is celebrated on September 8, the day of the birth of the Holy Sea.