How to get to Murfatlar

   The city of Murfatlar (which also comprises the village of Siminoc, at a distance of 5 kilometers from the city) is located at a distance of 18 kilometers from Constanta City and about 200 kilometers from Bucharest. These distances can be traveled both by personal car and train, to Murfatlar Railway Station. Mihail Kogălniceanu International Airport is 32 kilometers away, the only connection to the city being the one on the road.

   Another way to transport and ride through Murfatlar and the surroundings is by bicycle. You can even make a circuit on the Murfatlar route - the chalk hill - the Straja monument - the village of Siminoc - Medgidia - the White Gate - along the Danube - Black Sea - Murfatlar channel, for a distance of approximately 56 kilometers.

Road access

  •        The car is the most convenient and cheap alternative to reach Murfatlar. The distance between Bucharest and Constanța is 200 km and can be crossed in 2 hours. The most popular route is the Sun Highway: Bucharest - Fundulea - Lehliu - Drajna - Fetești - Cernavodă - Constanța.
  •        If you are thinking of getting from Constanța to Murfatlar you are practically 20 minutes away. Follow the route Constanța - Valu lui Traian - Murfatlar: 18 km - 20 minutes.
  •        If you are in the area of ​​Mamaia / Năvodari resort and want to get to Murfatlar you can also consider the route: Năvodari - Lumina - Ovidiu - Alba Gate - Murfatlar: 31 km - 32 minutes or the A4 and DN3 route: 33.4 km - 29 minutes - Năvodari - Light - Ovidiu - A4 - Murfatlar.
  •        From the southern area of ​​the coast you can use the DN39 / E87 routes: 55.8 km - 46 minutes. Mangalia - Tuzla - Eforie - A4 - Valu lui Traian - Murfatlar or DJ 308 67.3 km, 1 hour 3 minutes Mangalia - August 23 - Amzacea - Topraisar - Ciocârlia de Sus - Murfatlar.

Air access

   Only 28 minutes away by car is the airport Mihail Kogalniceanu.
   Important flights from Bucharest, Timisoara, Milan, Pisa, Brussels, Nuremberg, Vienna, Istanbul take place at Mihail Kogalniceanu airport.

Naval access

   The Murfatlar port (Basarabi) is located on the right bank of the Black Sea Danube Canal at km 25. The vessels wishing to operate in the port should contact the Local Traffic Center using the radio frequency 71VHF.
   The annual traffic in the port is 700 000 000 tonnes. Includes 6 operating berths, 4 waiting berths, 14 ha basin area, 9 ha platform area, 6.5 meters minimum depth.

Rail access

   Basarabi / Murfatlar railway station is the railway gate of the city. It is an old British construction of over 150 years.
   In the Basarabi station there are important trains from Bucharest, Constanta, Magalia, Medgidia.
   To find out more details about the train journey we recommend to consult the pages:
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