The chalk lake

   Few are those who, on their way to the sea, make a right from the center of Murfatlar to see - at least 5 minutes - a place from another world.

   The place can be easily found: as you cross the bridge over the Danube-Black Sea channel, in a curve to the right (with a continuous line, be careful!), You make a country road to the left, which goes up the hills. You can already see on the left that it is a quarry, apparently of stone, in fact lime and chalk. If you take that road, about 200 meters above you can stop the car and then get down on your own feet to admire the view of another world: a chalk world, seemingly unfit for any form of life and in which you could film successfully a science-fiction movie scene.

   The lake at the bottom of the quarry, however, shows you that you are on Earth, and if you stay there for more than 10 minutes you start to see that the area is still a part of life, all kinds of insects, lizards and other tiny creatures making their way through the hot white desert. of Sun. Memorable.