Tourism and culture on the Murfatlar - General Toshevo cross-border route

Annual events in Murfatlar

   Periodically, events animate the city center, but also the village of Siminoc, the local multicultural community and especially the young people constituting the link that continues to preserve the local identity along with the cultural and natural heritage.





Popular gathering "Traditions and customs of Mucenici"

 The village of Siminoc is the host of the gathering of Mucenici, where children, young people and adults are expected to revive the old local traditions: the popular port, the preparation of mucenici (traditional food), old songs and dances.


The Festival of Peony

Dances and songs from the Dobrudja region, gastronomy and local traditions during the peony flowering period.


Midsummer Day

June 24th is the feast of the Sun, of the Sanziene and of the traditional blouse (ie), and the participants are invited to workshops for drawing and sewing traditional Dobrudjan motifs on pieces of ie, to hiking in the Fântânița Reserve and to fun activities.



The celebration of Tatar customs and gastronomy from the Fântânița Murfatlar Forest Reserve, culminating in the traditional battles of the Tatars, Küreş.


Wine Festival

Event dedicated to wine, held in the central park of Murfatlar Town.


The holiday of harvest and wine from Murfatlar

Fair dedicated to harvest and wine, in which the best chefs compete in craftsmanship, and the housewives fill their pantries with the fruits of autumn, everything taking place by hearing the songs of the performers of popular music.


Thematic camp in Murfatlar and Mamaia, September 5-9, 2019

   A five-day camp was organized by the Murfatlar City Hall for 40 young people between the ages of 14 and 18, 20 young people from Murfatlar and 20 young people from General Toshevo, with the theme "Popular art and intangible cultural heritage - traditions and customs". Most of the camp was held in Mamaia, and the program included visiting the cultural objectives of Murfatlar and the most important tourist attractions in Constanța, folk art workshops, crafts and painting, beach and walks. An exhibition of folk art and handicraft objects was present throughout the camp, at the headquarters in Mamaia.

Thematic camp at General Toshevo and Balchik, July 1 - 6, 2019

   A dense cultural program was offered to the 40 young people between 14 and 18 years in the camp with the theme "Past and common inheritance" organized in two localities in Bulgaria, General Toshevo and Balchik. The program included seminars and thematic presentations, visits to the Balchic Palace and Botanical Gardens, workshops of art and painting, as well as the "Multicultural Diversity Day" event marked by popular songs and dances and exhibitions.

Round table at Murfatlar, May 31, 2019

   With the theme "Common values", the roundtable from Murfatlar brought together 30 Romanian and Bulgarian young people who heard and debated two presentations - "10 bridges between Romania and Bulgaria, their influence in the cross-border region Murfatlar - General Toshevo and its tourist value "And the European cooperation program dedicated to civil society" Creative Europe ".

Round table at General Toshevo, May 3, 2019

   Fifteen young people from Murfatlar joined the 15 young people from General Toshevo to participate in the roundtable organized to present the project and to discuss current trends in tourism development and in promoting cultural and natural heritage.

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