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In September 2018, Murfatlar City signed the financing contract for the implementation of the project "Development of tourism potential, protection and promotion of common heritage", code ROBG-453, financed through the Interreg VA Romania-Bulgaria Program, Priority Axis 2. A green region.

   The project is implemented by the partnership between the General Municipality of Toshevo, Bulgaria - a leading partner, and the Murfatlar City. This partnership is already historic, with the two localities having a long collaboration in Romania-Bulgaria and the Black Sea cross-border projects. Not only mayorships are involved in this friendship, but the whole local communities, through projects dedicated to schools or cultural institutions.

   The project "Development of tourism potential, protection and promotion of common heritage" aims to support the sustainable socio-economic development of the cross-border region by increasing the tourism potential related to the development and marketing of competitive tourism products and the development and promotion of common heritage in the border region.

   The general objective of the project will be achieved by exploring and promoting the natural and cultural heritage in the study area of ​​the project, developing tourism through the sustainable use of this heritage, improving the operating conditions of the natural and cultural objectives and developing the economic and social relations between the partners. The main activities of the project lead to the definition of a common tourism product of the two partners, based on their cultural and natural objectives - historical sites, natural sites, intangible cultural elements, for which a common promotion strategy will ensure conservation, development and capitalization. their sustainability. Investment measures will ensure the rehabilitation and modernization of objectives such as cultural houses, museums, monuments or parks, all to be included in the common tourism product. Also, the project provides measures to inform and promote the common tourism product, through broad actions aimed at tourism operators, journalists, young people and representatives of business people and local administrations.

   In the city of Murfatlar, the Culture House will be rehabilitated and expanded, a theme park will be created that will rely on local tourist attractions and the Eorilor Monument in the locality will be rehabilitated.

   Educational and creative activities bring together the young people from the two cities - Murfatlar and General Toshevo, so that at the end of the project, the natural and cultural heritage of the promoted cross-border area will be known, appreciated and have the prospect of being sustainable sustainably by the next generation.

   The total value of the project is 1,249,899.39 euros, of which the value of the grant is 1,224,901.40 euros. The total budget of the UAT partner Murfatlar City is 609,944.62 euros, of which the non-reimbursable financing is 597,745.73 euros.

   The project started on 11.09.2018 and has a duration of 24 months.

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